We could not find it, so we made it!

Naturally scented, organic lotions without preservatives and chemicals that actually work, are hard to find. Should we say impossible to find?

With our years of research, we ‘accidentally’ created this line. There was no plan to develop Men’s cosmetic. It just so happened that while creating our Own skin care that fulfilled all the above criteria that men started asking to try the products.

That’s when it dawned on us that truly there is a huge need on the Men’s skin front that needs to be addressed.

The products we are now offering are tested over years of research. They are clean, non-greasy and they are easy to use. The best thing above all, they provide results!

All of our ingredients are organic and could be eaten. Nothing we use could be in any shape or form harmful to the body or the environment.

As our Formulas penetrate all layers of the skin down through the tissue and Bone it is not advisable to add essential oils to our products. We stay away from this risk and hope that our customers will do the same.