Cracked Heels Lotion


Cracked Heels Moisturizer the super nourishing moisturizer gets your heels back on track

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Cracked Heels Lotion is our ultra nourishing moisturizer that will get your heels back on track. Best applied and massaged in at night times will guarantee utmost results.  It might take up to a week or 10 days for super Cracked heels to become soft again, but they will. Guaranteed! If Applied to the entire Foot it will make you rediscover your Feet in a totally new way again. The clean and healthy feel of a soft and subtle skin can be scary at first.  When first applied in thicker Layers to get rid of the past we suggest to wear a pair of organic cotton socks over it during a full night rest. It will transfer your tired and dry or cracked heels and feet in no time.


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Cracked Heels

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