Restoring Eye Cream


Restoring Eye Cream | Anti-Aging and deeply hydrating to smooth wrinkles, dry men’s skin and reverse years. Ancient Ayurveda 100X Washed Ghee is said to penetrate all layers of the skin to heal.

Hand crafted from Organic ingredients made in the USA. Limited ingredients only that work better than anything you’ve ever experienced. It is that simple. No chemicals, no preservatives, no animal testing. We tested on ourselves! Sustainably sourced and with the lowest possible carbon footprint created.



Eye Cream is a very gentle but deeply moisturizing cream formulated to help mens skin relax and rejuvenate. It helps eliminate wrinkles and discoloration and is best used at night times. Let your eyes relax and enjoy. Helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. Soothes swollen eye lids and works extremely well to reduce wrinkles due to the deeply hydration properties of this formula.

The formula will immediately soak into the skin and will not leave a greasy film or feel. The shipment includes a toothpick to keep contaminants out of the Container. A super tiny amount gets a very long way. No more then a toothpick Tip amount is necessary for both eyes.U

Use day and/or night. It does not contain chemicals or preservatives and should best be stored at room temperature.

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1/4 ounce


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