Our products are Handmade in the USA. We source our ingredients very carefully and make sure they are certified organic. With only one exception, all of our ingredients are made in the USA.

We sacrifice a Lot for Quality. We recommend to use our products within 6 months of purchase. When they leave us, they are freshly made to Order. No compromise.

Going the Route of no chemicals and preservatives also requires the customer to Understand that it is not advisable to Leave our products in a Hot car! Use it at home and if you take it along, use our travel sizes and put it in the cooler. Our products are best kept at room temperature.

Long term we will provide Container that will allow easy traveling while keeping the temperature at a room temperature level. For now, please use our travel sizes.

Our products should be stored in Glass Containers.

The washed Ghee which is the Basis of all our lotions is washed in copper bowls and might contain tiny traces of copper. This is to guarantee the utmost Quality of our products.

You can learn more about washed Ghee and 100 x washed Ghee at www.100xwashedghee.com. The ancient Ayurveda Beauty Secret! You need to feel it to Understand the hype.