Organic Men's Moisturizer products to nourish and protect

Hand made with 100% Natural Organic ingredients.Revitalizing Anti-Aging Creams to Hydro Boost, Restore, Repair and Revive in a total new way. 100X Washed Ghee penetrates all 7 Layers of the skin and deeply hydrates and moisturizes. According to ancient Ayurveda those healing properties are unsurpassed. nourish Men's skin. No more razor bumps or skin Irritation. Instantly soothes and calms due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Nutritious powerhouse full of Vitamin A, E, D and K amongst others!

100% satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that our products based on ancient Ayurveda healing 100 times washed Ghee is still not very common. We stand behind our products and will refund you in case that you are not happy. All of our lotions are naturally scented, ready to be used under any after shave lotion or by itself. Made from organic ingredients. No animal testing, chemicals or preservatives. Ever!


Our products are hand made with the highest Quality, organic ingredients available on the market. Sustainably sourced with our environment in mind. No chemicals, no preservatives, no animal testing ever. We tested on ourselves. All of our ingredients are safe to eat and hand crafted in the USA.


We thrive to lower our carbon footprint to the lowest possible and provide packaging options for refills. We take our environment serious and limit out Packaging to a minimum. We will provide a coupon code for a refill as we would love for you to reuse our containers. Check out our refill program.

Men's Anti-Aging Daily Essentials

Men's all Organic Skin Care

Restoring Eye Cream

Restoring Eye Cream | Anti-Aging and deeply hydrating to smooth wrinkles, dry men’s skin and reverse years. Ancient Ayurveda 100X Washed Ghee is said to penetrate all layers of the skin to heal.

Hand crafted from Organic ingredients made in the USA. Limited ingredients only that work better than anything you’ve ever experienced. It is that simple. No chemicals, no preservatives, …


Daily Essential Face Moisturizer

Mens Secret Beauty Dream moisturizing Lotion with its soothing Properties is meant to make shaved skin feel amazing


After Shave Lotion Soothing Revitalizing Anti-Aging

Mens Happy Blade After shave moisturizing Lotion with its soothing Properties is meant to make shaved skin feel at ease. No more razor bumps or irritated skin. Instant soothing results will help the skin recover in no time. Which is why we called it the Happy Blade. Over time your skin will not mind shaving as much anymore.

Hand made from …


Cracked Heels Lotion

Cracked Heels Moisturizer the super nourishing moisturizer gets your heels back on track

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